Our official release party is finally here!
Together with amazing Jo Stöckholzer as part of his Jahreskonzert at Treibhaus, Innsbruck on 18.11!



We are the first band and start at 20:00, so please come on time!

me on keys, synth, guitar and vocals
Christoph Holzknecht on synth and all the crazy electronic stuff!

šodienas raidījums nacionālajā austrijas radio Ö1, kur raidījuma sākumā var dzirdēt mani izpildot dziesmu “Māte mani auklējusi”. priecājos un tā. ceturtdien gaidājamā koncertā tikai melodijas latviski!

you can hear our composition “Māte mani auklējusi” at the beginning of the show and, of course, all the other amazing artists from Echos der Vielfalt – Musik der Welten in Tirol, later on! this thursday 08.06 we hope to see you in Treibhaus!

Thank you everyone for support and patience. Still can´t believe it!

At the moment you can purchase your copy exclusively at our live concerts and events I am organizing!

Crowdfunders – your copy is on the way!
Vinyls and poetry books are still in progress, but SOON!

I know that it took way longer than expected – turns out, that releasing a record is actually quite some work!

Huge thanks to Christoph Holzknecht for recording, producing, playing with me and being a huge support always.

Thanks to Benjamin Leingartner and SuperPlus Records for helping this to happen, additivmedia for all the patience and help!

Gregor Blösl for his cool piano playing, Yvonne Neyer for artwork, Maria Kirchner for photos and MORE MORE MORE!


This is my first webpage entry. I will try to keep you updated about our daily activities and also side projects both of us are busy with.

We started the project a year ago and have played some wonderful shows and festivals, have met tonns of amazing people and fellow musicians. This week on 17th of February our first single `Running` is coming out and the work on the album is on the finish line, thanks to supportive people, who supported the campaign via indiegogo.

I just wanted to thank you for your trust and love! I see you in the concerts!