Baiba Dekena is a latvian musician who is currenty living in Innsbruck, Austria. Raw, strong vocals and simple, melancholic melodies describes her music the best. Always open for new inspirations and sound constellations, she stays strongly connected with latvian culture and mithology, part of her concert program performing in latvian. For the last year she has been combining her songs with electronic arrangements, creating lightly dark, dynamic atmospheres, which brings the audience in a magical journey into the beauty of rawness.


Growing up in a deep latvian countryside surrounded by animals and fairy tales has influenced Baiba as an artist and text writer a lot, these nostalgic textures she has been capturing in her concert program and also in her upcoming debut album ¨These Storms¨. Baibas music will move you in the most honest way and hunt you down for days!

Band members:
Baiba Dekena : vocals, guitar, piano
Christoph Holzknecht: arrangements, sounds, beats, piano