In her new concert program Latvian musician Baiba Dēķena is performing songs from her upcoming debut album “These Storms”.

Baiba reveals as a vocally and emotionally powerful singer-songwriter. Her serene voice grabs the listener from the very beginning and takes him into turbulent journey of love, loss, hope and solace.

Baiba Dēķena is a 27 year young musician from Latvia, currently living in Innsbruck, Austria.She grew up at her parents farm in a small village in Latvia, where she started playing piano and accordion at the age of 7. After high school she started performing at various folk festivals and music clubs.

Baiba has earned her degree in Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Liepaja and her short stories and poems have been published in various literary magazines such as „Vards“ and „SATORI“. After finishing studies, Baiba moved to Austria in 2015 and started working for Innsbruc’s open cultural space „Die Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube“ . Since then she has collaborated with various Austrian musicians and teamed up with producer Christoph Holzknecht. After two years of writing, arranging and recording, Baiba Dēķena is now releasing her debut album.

“These Storms” is a modern mix of folk motives and pop, with arrangements of electro pop, and a touch of darker ambience. Some songs are sung in Latvian and include the topics of loving memory and longing (Māte mani auklējusi) as well as inevitable change (Putni prom) and solace (Mums vienmēr silti). All of the songs show a very sensitive yet mature lyrical persona with her triels. However, “These Storms” are the storms that arrive after a drought – despite some darker clouds, they bring rain and fresh air.

In autumn “These Storms” will be touring Europe.


“Her performance exemplifies how music can be the most intimate experience on the planet. Dekena’s vocals are rich and intoxicating, where you hang onto every word she sings and wish she was next to you. The electronic arrangements are familiar, aided by the stirring production that together creates a haunting soundscape. Dazzlingly breathtaking introduction to a hidden gem.” – The Revue

Band members:
Baiba Dekena : vocals, guitar, piano
Christoph Holzknecht: arrangements, sounds, beats, piano